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Ship4you is a multi-services company which is 100% Portuguese, multi-lingual, omnichannel and particularly focused on all aspects of DISTANCE SELLING and MARKETING TODAY.
We can deal with everything for you – from packing to storage – from direct marketing to e-commerce – from your database to integrated management systems for your company. We cover the whole Europe and we are able to provide our partners with access to systems which speak your language. We speak, write and personalize in a wide variety of languages. We plan your mail, SMS and email campaigns.
We have a team specialised and focused on achieving simple and effective solutions tailored to the needs of each client.
We have accumulated two decades of experience and are equipped with the latest solutions and technology.
We have the flexibility, robustness, experience, rigor and enthusiasm you need for your company!

We don't compare ourselves with anyone else!


We want to make the difference in the results of your company.
And that is why we’re different.

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We are a multi-disciplinary company that unfolds in various services. They all interconected working as an "assembly line" where – from begining to the end – everything works smoothly. We cover all of the activities related with DISTANCE SELLING and MARKETING TODAY to provide integrated solutions or that specific service which your business needs in the most varied areas. Our flexibility is complete, our systems give us the greatest freedom to adapt to the needs of each client using ingenious, original and unique solutions which have been designed in accordance with your needs. Just like a made-to-measure suit: it always fits better!

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From the INTEGRATED ERP/CRM MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS to the latest electronic equipment and technology – for laser printing, personalization, inserting, folding, stapling, packing, stock control, issuing of invoices etc. – we are at the cutting edge for technical solutions in this field of business because quality and reliability are – for us – a point of honour. It isn’t enough for us just to do something – we want to do it well.

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A major part of our management team has worked for almost 20 years in this field and all new employees who have joined us over time are subject to demanding selection criteria and ongoing training. The world doesn’t stand still and technology develops and innovation takes place at a rate which needs to be maintained so as not to miss the train for progress. This enormous team – from the youngest to the oldest – is aware that dedication is one of the most highly prized values: we enthusiastically embrace every challenge, we treat every project as if it were our own – “we wear your team’s shirt”!

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We make a point of complying with deadlines and goals which are set for us. We want to deserve trust and preference of our clients. We stand out for efficiency, ability to work, dynamism, team spirit and joint responsibility and cooperation with the companies seeking us. Don´t just accept our word – come and test us on what we say. Contact us!



The mission that impassion us!

We are - and we intent to continue to be - a reference in the field of DIRECT SALES. Our mission is to provide all services related to the activity so your business can grow without the need to invest in larger premises, qualified personnel, expensive machinery. We look out for your interests as if they were our own. We don´t limit ourselves to merely executing the tasks which are asked of us. We make suggestions. We find solutions. We seek to obtain results. We contribute to the development of your business. We are your greatest and most faithful allies because your success is our success too.

The vision that inspires us!

We know where we are going and what targets to aim for. This is why we have our eyes always set on the future. This is why we are always one step ahead. We are aware of the latest innovations in our field of business. We are at the cutting edge in matters of equipment as well as in management methods and processes. We comprise part of an international network of partners which drives us to the achievement of our targets, which supports us in every project, which helps to overcome hurdles and which is our constant companion on this exciting route to the future.

The values that govern us!

We honour our commitments. We meet deadlines. We charge fair prices. We get results. We are determined. We increase profits and the reputation of the businesses which place their reliance on us together with their plans for growth. Our motto is that “good ideas on their own are not enough – you need to know how to put them into practice”. We stand out for our creativity, our pragmatism, ethical rigour, determination and professionalism. Our greatest asset is our clients. That´s why we exist. We work for them with commitment; we never become discouraged and never give up. For us, problems are just challenges. Bottlenecks are just obstacles that we overcome with gusto and always with enthusiasm.


… and who wants to conquer it to you too!

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