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A SHIP4YOU – Serviços de Logística e Marketing Direto, S.A., a public limited company, with its head office in Rua de São Francisco nº 786 - Parque Doroana, Armazém BA – Adroana, 2645-019 Alcabideche (hereinafter “SHIP4YOU”), is the legitimate and exclusive owner of the website WWW.SHIP4YOU.PT. By accessing the website and the pages therein, users agree to respect and accept the respective terms and conditions of use. Users are therefore advised to consult the topics below concerning the Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and Copyright.

For further information, please contact: infoweb@ship4you.pt.

Legal Information

This website may be browsed and accessed free of charge without entailing any record or commitment to purchase. However, by browsing the website, users agree to these conditions.

Terms of Use – Use of the website SHIP4YOU.PT obliges a commitment to the truth and good user practices, preventing the use of malicious or technologically harmful material, attempts to obtain unauthorised access to the website or server on which it is housed and attacks on the website for any reason, including acting maliciously or illegally in any way whatsoever. Violation of these provisions is a crime (Misuse of computers) under the law and will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Copyright – The name of the WWW.SHIP4YOU.PT and WWW.SHIP4YOU.COM domain is the exclusive property of SHIP4YOU. Any incorrect and unauthorised use is an infringement of the rights granted by the domain and will result in legal proceedings. The content of this website is protected by international copyright and intellectual property law and any copy, reproduction, dissemination, publication and commercial or non-commercial use is forbidden without the prior consent of SHIP4YOU. Excluded from the above is the free use permitted by law and the copy of content exclusively for personal usage, provided the source is identified as the SHIP4YOU website, which owns the copyright. It is also expressly forbidden to use this website for illegal purposes or for any other ends that may damage the image of SHIP4YOU.

Privacy Policy

SHIP4YOU is a direct marketing and distance selling company and as such takes the security and privacy of your personal data seriously. SHIP4YOU is fundamentally committed at all times to adopt the best measures on your behalf and those considered necessary to provide you, as far as possible, with a secure data processing system while browsing the www.ship4you.pt website.

Therefore, and in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 (EU), SHIP4YOU has updated its Privacy Policy and made it available transparently, clearly and unequivocally so that the user may have an aware and informed browsing experience.

Users shall be informed of all amendments to this Privacy Policy.

With the best interests of its users always in mind, SHIP4YOU may update its Privacy Policy at any moment.

Users shall be informed of updates via a notice on the website’s homepage so that the amendments may be seen and understood immediately. Continued use of the website, after the updated Privacy Policy has been communicated, assumes that the user has understood and accepts the terms of the new Privacy Policy.

Collected personal data

By "personal data" is understood any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (“data subject”), namely the name, email address, postal address, title, date of birth, gender or occupation.

No data is collected from visitors when simply browsing the website. SHIP4YOU will only collect a visitor’s personal data if it is voluntarily provided following a request for information or proposal by the website users in the context of services provided.

Data Processing - Collected data is securely and credibly stored and all technical and human means within SHIP4YOU’s reach are employed to avoid its abusive use. This data may only be used by SHIP4YOU.PT. All data provided by visitors shall be processed securely and in strict compliance with the GDPR 2016/679 of the European Parliament.

Entity responsible for personal data processing and subcontractors

SHIP4YOU – Serviços de Logística e Marketing Direto, S.A., a public limited company, with its head office in Rua de São Francisco, nº 786 – Parque Doroana, Armazém BA – Adroana, 2645-019 Alcabideche, Portugal, is responsible for processing the personal data provided by users of the website www.ship4you.pt.

SHIP4YOU also has a Data Protection Officer (DPO), who:

• Monitors the compliance of the data processing with the applicable rules;

• Is a contact point with customers or users to explain issues relating to the processing of their personal data by SHIP4YOU;

• Cooperates with the supervisory authority;

• Provides information and advises the entity responsible for processing or the subcontractor about their obligations concerning data privacy and protection.

For website management and communication (when there is a clear desire on the part of the user), SHIP4YOU uses outside entities; it therefore shares data with them. These outside entities shall be referred to hereinafter as “subcontractors”. No personal data is shared with any other entity.

The subcontractors are:

• Goalmarketing, S.A. – Web Marketing e Consultadoria, responsible for the technical maintenance of the website;

• Google Analytics, a statistical tool that creates in-house reports for continuous improvement of the browsing experience;

• E-Goi – Plataforma de Marketing Multichannel, a platform used to send marketing emails and text messages.

SHIP4YOU takes all contractual measures necessary to ensure subcontractors respect and protect the subject’s personal data.

Purpose of the personal data

The personal data collected by SHIP4YOU has two different purposes:

• Sending a monthly newsletter;

• Managing information requests.

SHIP4YOU seeks to collect relevant information for the sector in which it operates and provide users with more relevant information through its newsletter (whose subscription may be cancelled at any time) or information campaigns that may help them to achieve greater success in their business.

However, if users do not wish to benefit from this service in the future, they may say so via the email infoweb@ship4you.pt and request it be cancelled or via the newsletter itself where an option to do so exists.

As far as the management of information requests is concerned, SHIP4YOU collects sufficient and necessary information to provide users with an informed and objective answer.

Data storage

The length of time we store your personal data may vary depending on the purpose for which it was collected and processed. Your data will therefore be stored for the following periods:

• Sending of commercial information: until your consent is withdrawn.

• Replies to requests, requests for clarification or complaints: until it is no longer needed for the ends intended.

• Compliance with the various legal obligations applicable: for the time necessary to comply with said obligations.

• Invoicing and administrative management: for 10 years.

• Exercise or defence of a right in judicial or non-judicial proceedings: until the final decision of the litigation in question or until the date of its non-judicial resolution.

In the event of personal data being used for various ends that oblige us to store it for different periods, the longest periods shall be applied.

Rights of data subjects

According to the provisions of the GDPR, users may exercise their rights to access, rectify, erase, oppose or limit processing and portability. To exercise a right, you should request it in writing by any of the means below and include a copy of your ID card or other document proving identity and specify the right you intend to exercise. No fee is charged.

• By post to:
Parque Doroana, Armazém BA
Rua de São Francisco, 786
Adroana - 2645-019 Alcabideche

• E-mail: infoweb@ship4you.pt

Users have the right to:

• Access: you may obtain information on SHIP4You’s processing of your personal data and consult your data stored on the company’s archives.

• Rectification: you may alter your personal data when incorrect and complete any which is incomplete.

• Erasure: you may request that your personal data is erased when, amongst other reasons, it is no longer needed for the ends it was collected for.

• Opposition: you may request that your personal data is no longer processed. SHIP4YOU will cease to process your data unless there are legitimate reasons or for the declaration, exercise or defence of a right in legal proceedings.

• Processing limitation: you may request that the processing of your personal data be limited in the following situations: (a) when contesting the accuracy of your data; (b) when the processing is illegal and you have objected to it and requested a limit on its use; (c) when SHIP4YOU no longer needs to process your personal data, but needs it to exercise or defend your right in legal proceedings; (d) when you have opposed the processing of your personal data to comply with a public interest obligation or to satisfy a legitimate interest, when these legitimate reasons are seen to prevail over your own reasons.

• Portability: you are entitled to receive the personal data you have provided and that you have obtained from your relationship with SHIP4YOU in a normal structured and automatically readable format, as well as to transmit it to another entity.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Due to the nature of SHIP4YOU’s activities, it is required to designate a data protection officer (DPO).

If you consider that SHIP4YOU has not processed your personal data in line with applicable legislation, you may submit a complaint in writing to the DPO via the email dpo@ship4you.pt . All necessary enquiries will be taken to analyse your case.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are (text-based) data files exchanged between the website server and the browser and later returned with each new connection. These files are stored on the user’s computer and allow the system to record information on data and browsing habits, making it quicker and more effective, ensuring the user’s connection or adapting the content of a page to their interests.

The website SHIP4YOU.PT uses cookies when users browse its pages, but they are not invasive or harmful and do not contain information of a personal nature. Users may deactivate cookies if they wish to or delete those which are already stored by following the instructions on their browser.

However, given their importance, if you set your browser to block or erase cookies, this may limit your browsing experience on the SHIP4YOU website and associated services.