The Heart of your business.

How to communicate better and more effectively with your customers? What are the motivations, wishes and interests of each one of them?

With us you will go much further: you can manage your campaigns in a more effective way, by analysing trends and monitoring the results at all times... you can automate the entire Marketing process... you can select the best offers for your customers at each step, optimising your sales and achieving increasingly improved results.

Make the most of processes specially designed for Direct Sales integrated into a single, more operational, more dynamic and 100% effective system of management. Just one database using combined ERP and CRM systems will be fully managed and communicate with your clients to provide them with a more personal service which will encourage their loyalty to your business.

Because every country is different we create a database for each market suited to the requirements of each business. But when we discuss results they can be analysed as if they were a single database.

Our technical team is ready to incorporate all of this into your existing system if necessary.

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Integrated systems of ERP/CRM management will allow you to connect all of the departments of your business whether it is in the DIRECT MARKETING field or any other and whichever your sales channels may be, from E-COMMERCE to DIRECT MAIL or TELEMARKETING. From the PURCHASE HISTORY of your clients to MARKETING AUTOMATION, from FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT to STOCK CONTROL, from WAREHOUSING to INVOICING and STATISTICAL ANALYSIS, our advanced and versatile system is put to the test every day by our clients.

  • Secure information

    in real time!

These two, duly interconnected, systems will provide all of the activities of your organisation with maximum connectivity so that your business decisions can be taken more rapidly and on the basis of complete, up to date and 100% reliable information.

  • Your focus is on your business.

    Leave the rest to us!

Increase the speed of PRODUCTION, SHIPPING, CUSTOMER CARE, boost your services end-to-end and don’t miss any opportunities which might compromise the success of your business. The integrated ERP/CRM systems aim at promoting the cohesion of your business, the harmonisation of processes, the facilitating of communications, providing all of the information necessary for the prompt execution of each task. All stages and departments are carefully considered. So that nothing fails. So that success will not fail you!

  • Retain your clients’


For just 70 cents on each order you can manage all of the activities of your business using a single platform which will make your execution of the most varied range of tasks more rational, harmonising the processes between different departments, connecting phases, comparing data, reducing efforts, eliminating redundancies, facilitating inter-departmental communications, speeding up services and equally or even more important, constituting an accurate registry of purchasers and potential purchasers which will allow you to stand out because of the excellence of a more friendly and personal service, the intelligent and insightful organisation which knows like no other, how to attract and retain the clients for your products and your increasingly well-known brand!


Maintain a database of your clients, get to know them in depth, make offers to them which fit the profile of each one, ensure their loyalty, provide them with an excellent service and attract new customers for your products and your growing reputation!

From the development of new products to their storage, from invoicing to financial services and human resources management, all aspects of your business will be interconnected in a duly geared-up process because the driving force behind your success is the excellence of your organisation!

Harmonise all of the departments in your business and facilitate inter-departmental cooperation, eliminate redundancies, streamline processes, reduce delays and stop the errors which often result in the loss of sales and leave clients unhappy!

When you rationalise and automate all of the operations in your business you will increase productivity, eliminate duplication of tasks, reduce production, storage and shipping times to make a major contribution to the startling increase in the financial results of your company!

Regardless of your type of business – whether Direct Marketing or any other – whatever the nature of your problem or the field in which you wish to improve your organisation – from the recording of customer data to human resources, the combined ERP/CRM systems are there to deal with any situation!

From the processing of orders to stocktaking, from the planning of production to the shipping of orders, connecting and speeding up all of the functions of your company in a single unified system will accelerate the widest diversity of operations from the application of promotional campaigns to transactions and contacts with clients!


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CRM is an abbreviation of the term Customer Relationship Management and in essence is a software system designed for the storage of all of your client information held in a manner by which you can make the best use of it in all of your campaigns including, with a level of satisfaction of which you will be proud, in cross-sell and up-sell or marketing automation operations. When you know your clients well on an individual basis, you can make them offers of products and services which are adapted to their profile, giving them a more competent service and – what is just as important – you will substantially increase their satisfaction which will result in improved loyalty to your business. And remember this, reaching new clients is 5 to 7 times more expensive than encouraging the loyalty to your business of existing ones.
ERP on the other hand is the abbreviation of the term Enterprise Resource Planning. It is used, either in combination or not with the CRM platform to manage the business end-to-end by integrating every aspect of your operations, the development of new products, manufacturing processes, human resources, marketing strategies, financial projections, profit and loss accounts and much more into a unified system of management which will improve the level of efficiency of planning, purchasing or the manufacture of products, promotion, storage, logistics, dispatch, invoicing and all of the other areas of a business with a future ahead of it. YOURS!
It is different in many ways. Without doubt, first and the most important is the ongoing updating of your client database. CRM is an advanced tool for DIRECT MARKETING operations and is applicable to any other field of activity. It records the interaction of the clients with your company, their purchases, their interests, their personal data and makes it possible to monitor their history on an ongoing basis with the potential to offer them products in tune with their recorded tastes, responding without delay to their requests, providing them with a more efficient service, a more personalised treatment which is more cordial and of course, more beneficial to both parties.
You will be pleased to know that the answer is a resounding NO! This system has many other benefits including a greater capacity for planning on the part of MARKETING and SALES teams, improved management for every campaign with the potential to monitor the results in real time, the opportunity to contact your clients through the most suitable channel or even through several channels simultaneously to maximise the efficiency of communications and boosting sales.
A business is much more than this or that compartmentalised service, this or that office, in the "straitjacket" of this or that function, all working for a single objective while very often disconnected with slow and inefficient communications between them. So the ERP system rationalises and maximises all of these activities, bringing them together and connecting them, making processes more flexible, facilitating the recording and consultation of updated data, driving the speeding up of responses, calling for the efficiency of methods, giving priority to the excellence of the results. Your business isn’t limited to product planning or, at the end of the line, its invoicing. Your business includes Marketing plans, sales forecasting, the financial implications of each campaign, the ordering or the manufacturing of products, the optimisation of stocks so as not to be left with surpluses in store, communication with the right clients for the right product, the dispatch of orders, payment and so many other areas of vital importance.
Of course it is and there are only benefits to be had. You see, while CRM was designed basically to increase client relationships, ERP will also substantially improve all other areas of your business – from accounting to stock control, from the management of orders to their dispatch. Contact us and find out the right solution for you.
They can be accessed remotely by internet, by our CLICK & DECIDE system, by VPN and all with complete security. The whole business will have access and there is no limit to the number of users so they can be as many as you find necessary for the complete functioning of your operations.
When a client joins the system the cost is dependent on the size of the company and the options taken. Following installation, for only 70 cents per order we will make available to you everything necessary for the cohesive functioning of your business, harmonising processes between the various departments, linking stages, processing data, reducing effort, eliminating the duplication of tasks, facilitating interdepartmental communications, speeding up services and – most important of all – getting the most out of your relationship with each client for a price which is controlled. Ask us for a quote now!