Information on your customers is vital to your success.

If you don’t have your customer information duly confirmed and recorded, if you don’t have a DATABASE where this information can be duly processed to be able to aim your campaigns to the right customers, duly organised into segments, you could compromise the success of your company’s expansion and internationalization!

Don’t neglect the heart and soul of your business: the building up of a DATABASE, the cutting out of duplications and the correction of errors are just some of our specialised services.

We can handle it for you. We can record all of the information even when foreign language writing is used. We can select the right clients for the right products. We can digitally store your documentation and provide legal support so that you don’t come up against any barriers of any kind where necessary. All with complete security, integrity, transparency and professionalism.

  • The health of your business

    starts here!

Your DATABASE is the heart of your business. It is your most valuable asset: it contains all of the names and other elements for your clients or other potential purchasers for your products. Don’t neglect something which can help your business to grow. Right from the start: if you don’t have a DATABASE we can help you to find the right lists for your products or, if you wish, we can draw up the list using special internet tools, draws, offers, games or other economically rewarding and effective means. We have the experience, we have the technical resources, we have the ideas, the will and the enthusiasm. All that you have to do is contact us!

  • Clean data which is

    “well cared for”!

Do you already have a DATABASE but you’ve been frustrated by the quantity of incorrect addresses, duplicated names, envelopes returned by the post-office, telephone calls to numbers that don’t exist, emails and text messages which don’t arrive? Make use of our solutions and skills acquired over many years in this field where we can find duplications, names which are miss-spelled, addresses which are wrongly recorded.

  • Sí, hablamos español!

    Ano, mluvíme česky!

That’s right – we speak Spanish! We also speak Czech! We can work in any language using the right alphabet including Cyrillic! Our multi-lingual system lets us carry out promotions in any part of the world because in an era of globalisation there are no geographical limits to a direct marketing or e-commerce strategy which has been prepared creatively and with a profound knowledge of the ins and outs of each area of activity. By you and for you – we can overcome any barriers and reach the right people in any part of the world. It´s up to you – you only have to seize the world and the opportunities in a moment which is unrivalled!

  • Success is based on

    market segmentation!

A DATABASE – even one full of vital information and with all errors and duplications removed, is not much use if the SELECTION AND SEGMENTATION OF NAMES has not been made accurately and with a profound knowledge of the subject which favours the selection of the most appropriate targets for your commercial offers, the right target market for the right product. At SHIP4YOU we have the specialists, the know-how and exactly what you were looking for!

  • Save space –

    reduce your costs!

Space is money! Get rid of folder after folder from the chaotic files stored where you can never find them. We scan all of the documentation which you are legally required to keep for a specific time which is almost always a matter of years. You can access your digital archives in complete security by internet and find whatever you’re looking for in a matter of seconds. Save space, save on personnel costs and have the certainty that no document will go astray with all of the bureaucratic traumas that this can mean. Set yourself free from paperwork!

  • Get legal support

    and avoid problems!

The storing and recording of client information, its use for commercial ends and the acquisition of external lists are normal practice and completely legal but you should always be fully informed and protected. We can even help you with this: legal support for this and other matters. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


Do you want to prepare a database for all of your clients? Do you already have this information but don’t know how best to make use of it? Do you have the names of potential clients that you would like to compile and make really effective use of? Come and talk to us!

Have you had letters or emails returned because the address was incorrect? Do you know how many addresses are invalid or how many names have been duplicated on your database? We have the facilities to clean up your database, remove duplications, correct and polish up!

Your business can’t afford to be limited to national borders. Conquer the world. From Cyrillic to the specifics of the Spanish alphabet or Hungarian or Polish for example – our system is prepared for any language! Sí! Kyllä! Да!

Do your products sell better to clients with certain characteristics and – for reasons of efficiency and the control of costs – you want to reach them and no-one else? We select and segment, picking out some and ruling out others. So that you can reach the target and maximise your profits!

Certain documents are required to be kept for a period of time by law but their management and storage are becoming a nightmare! Don’t worry! We can scan and store them so that if you need to access them you can do it quickly and simply!

The protection of data is a matter which always concerns anyone who collects customer information and then uses them for commercial ends. If you wish, we can provide legal support. Avoid any infringement of the law with serious consequences for yourself and for your business!


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Yes and with pleasure! If for example, you have coupons from competitions and games and you want to retain the data from the respective participants, we can record them. We also have data quality solutions which ensure that there are no errors on your files. We can store the data on our facilities in complete security and, knowing as we do the bureaucracy associated with this activity, we can also take care of registering your DATABASE with the official bodies.
It couldn’t be simpler! If you want to benefit from this service access is facilitated by our internet CLICK & DECIDE system using a secure VPN connection. If you choose to hold your DATABASE on your own premises, transfer will be made via internet with complete security and speed.
You can use our SELEÇÃO DE NOMES (Selection of Names) service for your campaigns but you can also ask us to carry out other initiatives including specific solutions for your industry or any other project which you wish to implement.
No – the files which we prepare may be used not just for DIRECT MAIL campaigns but also for TELEMARKETING, E-MAIL or SMS. It all depends on the information held on the DATABASE.
There’s no reason not to. We have links with businesses in Eastern Europe as well as South America. We work with multi-language keyboards including Cyrillic. The recording of the names and the addresses of your clients is therefore subject to a rigorous process and free of spelling mistakes. Furthermore, we have a customer care team which is multi-lingual for responding to the contacts which until now, for you were a headache. Whether the communications are in writing or by telephone, expand your horizons... and your profits.
There are three main reasons: you save on space, you save on personnel costs and you save money! Otherwise, there are millions of documents which you are required to keep by law and all of this paperwork takes up a lot of space and finding one specific document can be very complicated. Get rid of the chaos and the strong possibility of committing some legal infraction. We can host your archive on our premises in the certainty that every document is at your complete disposal in a matter of minutes through the internet. In truth, we can digitally store any kind of document and also – if you choose – the hardcopy files too.
You can decide that! The fact that we offer an integrated solution which functions on a 360 degree cycle doesn’t mean that we cannot provide you with a part of our vast resources, whether it is the creation of your DATA BASE, the implementation of a DIGITAL ARCHIVE or any other. The choice is yours and only yours!
Please tell us what you would like our help with. It will be a pleasant surprise because our prices for the level of the solutions and services which we provide, are far from expensive. Check us out: request a quote without any commitment on your part!