A full range of services all in one place.

Do you want to expand your business? Do you want to reach more customers? We provide all of the DIRECT MARKETING services so that your company can go further, get stronger: from receiving orders and data entry of your marketing campaigns to lettershop and the printing of your invoices, from storage to shipping and customer service – we can do all this for you.

We go further: the customised printing and shipping of your promotions, storage with permanent stock control, processing and types of payments adopted by your clients with complete security, shipping to all parts of the world with the very best solutions.

Have access to all of the Direct Marketing services that your business might need and expand your activities to new channels, launch new products or reach new markets with complete security, efficiency and professionalism that you always wanted and successfully overcome new challenges.

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Collection of Orders, Data Recording, Printing, Packing, Warehousing, Stock Control and Monitoring, Quality Control, Customisation, Shipping of Promotional Items and Orders, Payments, Contact Center, Response to Customer Letters and E-mails: you just have to tell us what you need and our reply is always YES – an enthusiastic YES!

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    to help!

We have available the most sophisticated equipment on the market: AS400, Computers, Servers, Customising Software, Folding Equipment, Packing, Stacking. The latest systems from stock control to receipt of orders, shipping of parcels to receipt of payments. We are equipped for the 21st Century. We are ready for you!

  • We’re on

    your side!

Our teams are highly qualified with years of experience in most of the fields they work, highly motivated and seriously professional. Our years of experience over decades. Our dedication, our commitment, our enthusiasm for our clients’ initiatives has no limit. It’s as if your business was ours too. We’re wearing your team’s shirt and we’re on your side!

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    the test!

We’re not afraid of challenges. On the contrary – they bring out the best in us – they are our strenght. We will do our work with a smile, no matter how hard the task may seem. We deal with difficult payments, complaints or returns with professionalism, patience, resilience and good will. We don’t give up. We never have and we never will. Leave the more difficult parts of your business with us.


We receive and process your customer orders – whether they arrive by mail, telephone or electronic means – we separate the correspondence from the orders. We can take care of everything with the speed you want, the care you need and the economy you wish.

From printing to personalization, from filling envelopes to shipping your promotion – we have the skills and the best equipment to get your message to your clients in the most effective, fastest and cheaper way. We don’t just make promises – we deliver!

We take care of your inventory storage of your product in the best possible conditions but we do much more. From the quantity and quality control of the products to check batches and expiry dates and ongoing control of stock.

We record the orders of your clients – whether they caome by mail, telephone or any other electronic means – and we pack and shiip your products to the four corners of the world with the speed and efficiency that you need with the care and at a price that you enjoy. With us you can go a long way!

We can take care of collect payments quickly and persuasively. Whatever the method chosen by your clients – credit card, cheque, cash, bank transfer or internet – we will process all payments with complete security and as if your money was our own!

By telephone, post or email – you can rely on our dedicated team, trained and fluent in a range of languages, efficiently and helpfully, always willing to respond to your clients whether receiving an order, answering a query or solving a problem. Our helpfulness – your value added!


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Simply because we do everything - literally everything related with DIRECT MARKETING and DISTANCE SELLING. We don’t leave anything to chance. We provide the service for receipt and recording of your orders. The lettershop prints, customises, folds and inserts in envelopes your promotional items or your invoices. Our warehouse is large enough to securely hold the most valuable asset of your business – your products – which we monitor from arrival so that there is neither too much nor too little stock on hand. We dispatch your products to any part of the world using the most effective and most economical method. We take care of payments and handle any returns, recycling the products in the best conditions and then, to complete the cycle, we attend to telephone calls from your clients and respond to their correspondence and emails, record their requests and are your public face which assures the image of your brand and the good name of your products and services.
You can decide that! The fact that we offer an integrated solution which functions on a 360 degree cycle doesn’t mean that we cannot provide you with a part of our vast resources, whether it is the printing of your materials, the storage of your products, the shipment of orders or the invoicing and payment procedure. The choice is yours and only yours!
For reasons of the rationalisation of functions, avoiding redundancies and to further speed up the whole business, this is the perfect solution. In the meantime, if you don’t wish to dispose of your own computer systems for the moment, we can provide you with all of the DIRECT MARKETING services without using our software. Don´t worry about it!
Yes, of course! Our computer systems are well prepared for adapting to any other system. By internet, to any part of the world and with complete security, we receive and forward the files necessary for this harmonisation process whether for sales, for payments or stock control.
Of course. We have links with businesses in Eastern Europe as well as South America. We work with multi-language keyboards including Cyrillic. The recording of the names and the addresses of your clients is therefore subject to a rigorous process and the customisation of your materials completely free of spelling mistakes. Furthermore, we have a customer care team which is multi-lingual for responding to the contacts which until now, for you were a headache. Whether the communications are in writing or by telephone, expand your horizons... and your profits. The whole world is expecting you!
At first sight and with the level of sophistication and the range of solutions which we offer, you might expect our prices to be much higher. The reality – and we never tire of saying this because it is very true – our prices are fair when you take into account the benefits and the level of services which you are going to enjoy. Try it – ask us for a quote with no commitment on your part!