AliExpress opens a physical shop in Madrid

If you think it's a regular shop, think again.

The world's best-known Chinese shopping platform opened an offline shop. And everyone thought: "What? For what? Why?".

The shop is located in Madrid's Xanadú, one of Europe's largest shopping centres. It has close to 740 square metres and is divided into five different zones, with about 1000 products and more than 60 different brands.

But what makes it so different? The answer is simple: we cannot buy anything here! The shop works as an exhibition hall, where the consumer can see, feel and try all different types of products. In order to make a purchase we still need to use the online platform.

Although we can find in this platform several products for the lowest prices, we cannot help but still feel sceptical when finalising the purchase: "Is it worth it? Will it be any good? Can it be trusted?"

By opening a physical space where the consumer can see and try the product, we are witnessing a platform acknowledging that an omnichannel consumer is increasingly present and something must be done to fulfil them. The physical shop arises from the need to bridge the gap between the seller and the consumer, increasing trust and the belief that the consumer will conclude their purchase.

Spain is the fourth largest AliExpress market, next to China, the United States and Russia, thus becoming the entry door to Europe.