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Turnkey E-commerce

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Data Solutions

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has entered the Portuguese market last September and has been showing its will to expand their presence.

AWS is a cloud platform (online data storage) with a wide range service of datacenters worldwide. Millions of customers trust AWS to carry out this service in order to strengthen their infrastructure, ease their processes and reduce costs.

"We are in Lisbon and Portugal for the long-term", states Miguel Alava director-general of AWS for Southern Europe, in an interview with Dinheiro Vivo. The first months have been very positive, which made the company to reinforce their team in Lisbon. In addition, this strategy involves events organization, not only in Lisbon, but also in other cities in the country, such as Porto, Braga and Coimbra.

"We want to ensure we are recognized as part of Portugal's technological scene." - declares Miguel Alava, who seems surprised with the innovation ecosystem across the country.

"Expanding to other cities isn't out of the question. We'll focus on customers and see where the demand comes from. We would be delighted if this means opening offices in other cities. (...) We think this is the beginning of a large partnership at the economy and society scale, and we are committed to carry it onwards." - he acknowledges.

"We are in Portugal for the long-term and we'll invest as much as our clients require." AWS doesn't disclose how many customers it has in the Portuguese market; however, it states that if the business keeps going well, there's a chance of appointing a director-general only for Portugal.