Why Not Soda: the Portuguese brand of artisanal soft drinks.

Nils Schwentkowsi, Steffi Hunstock and Hendrik Raufmann, three Germans who chose Portugal to launch Why Not Soda, an artisanal, organic soft drink.

Lemon’Mate is the first product on sale and is available at over 80 points of sale in Greater Lisbon, Oporto and Algarve.

Steffi Hunstock tells Marketeer magazine “When we arrived in Portugal, we noticed that the artisanal soft drinks market was still at a very early stage and that there were no Portuguese brands. (…) Even without all the desirable conditions, we found a partner – Cerveja Vadia – who supported us a lot in this adventure. (…)”

In December 2018, Why Not Soda won the Non-Tech award of the From-Start-to-Table acceleration programme, promoted by Start-up Lisboa.

When 3 Germans choose Portugal to launch their brand… innovation happens.

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