Growth Forum 2019 offers an excellent opportunity for interacting and networking with global business leaders and politicians.

Growth Forum 2019 Portugal as a catalyst for international development is an international event organised by the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Portuguesa), which is taking place in Lisbon on 11 April, at the Champalimaud Foundation.

International and national figures from the world of politics and business meet to consolidate and project the role of Portugal in a global scenario, both present and future.

Six major topics will be addressed:

1. Competition in today’s globalised economy: challenges and opportunities in a disruptive context.

2. International businesses in strategic geographies for the Portuguese entrepreneurial sector.

3. Building of global brands.

4. Internationalisation experiences at first hand (Portuguese companies in the global market).

5. Creativity and innovation: differentiating factors to conquer the world.

6. The Portuguese case: past, present and future of a growing economy.

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