Good occupational health and safety is good business.

Occupational Health and Safety is an important factor for a business, and a legal and social obligation.

Businesses value the fact that OHS prevents work-related injuries and illness in employees, but it is also a fundamental element in a company’s success.

Why? According to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work:

- it helps to show that a company is socially responsible;

- it protects and reinforces brand image and brand value;

- it helps to raise employee productivity;

- it reinforces employees’ commitment to the company;

- it creates a more competent and healthier labour force;

- it reduces business costs and production downtime;

- it ensures businesses meet customer expectations with regard to OHS;

- it encourages workers to remain in the workforce for longer.

Any business can obtain considerable benefits from investing in OHS. Simple improvements can raise competitiveness, profitability and employee motivation. The implementation of an OHS management system ensures an effective framework to prevent or minimise accidents and health problems.

That is why every two years SHIP4YOU holds OHS training for its employees. The goal of this training is always: to raise employee awareness of the professional risks and of the need to ensure the main safety measures when working, bearing in mind the promotion of OHS.

And that is what transpired on 16th and 23rd of May. The team split into 2 groups to participate actively in this training session.

Because healthy and motivated employees are one of the main building blocks of a successful business!