DES Madrid 2018 – 22nd-24th May, Madrid.

The key theme of Digital Business World Congress 2018 will be artificial intelligence.

DES Madrid 2018 will take place in Madrid from 22nd-24th May to discuss the digital transformation and the technologies involved, with particular focus on artificial intelligence.

Over 18,000 executives and 450 international speakers are expected at the more than 200 conferences to discuss the 6 most common themes in digital implementation: short term vs strategic vision; client experience vs return; security vs privacy; legacy vs innovation; and control vs speed.

With artificial intelligence as the key theme, the particular point of discussion this year will be “Facing the Digital Avalanche”, with particular focus on IoT, the cloud, cybersecurity and blockchain.

Lluis Altés, the head of DES 2018, said this about the event: “This year we want to underline the fact that digitisation is here and that it is unstoppable. We have to prepare ourselves to take advantage of the opportunities it brings.”

For just that reason, the speaker lineup will feature amongst the best minds in the field: Stuart Russel, a leader in artificial intelligence from the World Economic Forum; Aristedes Mahairas, the head of Cyber Operations/Cyber Division at the FBI, in New York; Arun Sundararajan, an expert on the digital economy and the impact of business on the new models at the new Platform Economics; Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, head of IoT forum Virium in Helsinki (an example amongst smart cities); and Tamara MacCleary, who will speak about the future of work and the role of candidates and employers.

Tickets will vary from €60 to €1,500 for the 3 days depending on the type of ticket preferred. You can find all the information you need here and make sure your place is guaranteed.