Ship4you is ready for 25th May.

If you’re not yet ready for the introduction of the GDPR, don’t worry because we are and we’re ready to help you continue to provide a high-quality and reliable service.

As Ship4you, given what we do, is a company which handles personal data, we’ve been keeping an eye on the changes and adjustments being made to personal data protection regulations for a long time. In fact, our ties to companies operating in European countries like France and Germany demand that we are constantly aware of these kinds of changes.

That is precisely why we are highly familiarised with the demands currently being imposed on companies due to the GDPR. However, we always want to know more so we can provide our customers with a better service, so we feel there is always room to improve our existing processes. And that is the area we will be focusing on, even after 25th May 2018 (when the transition period comes to an end).

We will centre on improving our technical and administrative procedures related to the security of data transfer and communication with customers and partners and we also aim to have all our processes duly documented.

On another point, with all our knowledge and experience, we will always be ready to support our customers and partners with adapting to this new situation as well. So we want you to know right here that you can rely on our advice on GDPR in any projects we work together on.