New Post Office service: CTT e-tracking.

A one-year pilot project that will allow customers to pick up parcels at automatic lockers.

On November 10th, the Post Office (CTT) launched its new e-tracking service to provide a better solution for goods bought via e-commerce. This one-year pilot project in Lisbon will initially let customers pick up parcels at automatic lockers located in busy areas. The system will make parcels available for collection for up to 24 hours per day, every day of the week.

Known as “Parcel Lockers”, this new scheme is an addition to those already available (doorstep delivery and the over 1,000 CTT collection points nationwide) and extends customer choice.

The first five automatic locker locations are at Restauradores car park, Atrium Saldanha shopping centre, Entrecampos railway station, Galp petrol station on the 2ª Circular [a Portuguese Freeway] and CTT´s headquarters in Parque das Nações.tro Comercial Atrium Saldanha, a Estação de Comboios de Entrecampos, a Estação de Serviço Galp da 2ª Circular e o edifício-sede dos CTT, no Parque das Nações.

This new CTT project addresses a growing need identified by customers for increased convenience in receiving goods bought online, namely the ability to pick them up outside working hours.