Fórum Pilão Networking – 4 and 5 November, Lisbon.

Ship4you will attend the Fórum Pilão Networking 2017 on 4 and 5 November at the Pavilhão Gimnodesportivo of the IPE, 2.ª Secção, Benfica.

This event is chiefly a charitable event and an example for the students of the IPE entering the workforce. Bringing together the community of former students, business people, entrepreneurs and people in high positions in varied professions in Portugal and abroad, its aim is to share strong points, synergies and entrepreneurial capacities to establish partnerships and businesses to create opportunities for younger pupils in particular who are coming into the workforce every year.

We invite our friends, clients and partners to join us at this interesting forum! Entrance is free but you must register in advance.

Register here and come and join us.