The Complaints Book is now available online.

If you want to make a complaint about poor service, you can now do so online! And if you own a shop, one day soon customers will be able to make complaints about your business too.

Initially, the online complaints book is only available for comments about essential public services like electricity, natural gas, water and waste, electronic communications and postal services. But the idea is to extend this service to every area of the economy.

This is a measure contained in the SIMPLEX + 2016 programme and brings together the Directorate General for Consumer Rights (DGC) and the regulatory authorities for various sectors.

How do you make a complaint? “Open” the complaints book here and enter your email address. You will receive a link in your inbox later to pursue your complaint. In creating this new platform, the time it takes for a complaint to be sent to the regulator changes from 10 working days to 15 and it is still not obligatory for a reply to be sent to the consumer. Moreover, the fines levied on firms have been reduced.

In 2015, 305,548 complaints were made in the book, with the 5 top sources of comments being aimed at ASAR, ERS, ANACOM, ERSE and BdP.