WannaCry virus has brought European cybersecurity players together.

Probably the only good thing about this virus.

Only one good thing came out of the WannaCry virus, which paralyzed thousands of companies around the world: the fostering of cybersecurity cooperation between various European agencies.

During the C-Days conference, held every year by the Portuguese Center for Cybersecurity, Krzysztof Silicki - Deputy Chairman of the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) - revealed that WannaCry provided an opportunity to see the European cybersecurity reaction team (supported by ENISA) in action.

National agencies did their job locally and then shared information and reports with the network. This led to the creation of an integrated report that allowed for an European-scale overview of the attack.

ENISA's main job is to facilitate joint work between the various national cybersecurity centers and agencies. In this particular case, it gathered and analyzed all available information, including press reports.

For Krzysztof Silicki, such cooperation is crucial to understand what happened and what to do in the midst of a crisis.