Ecommerce Europe advocates the simplification of parcel delivery services.

Ecommerce Europe has issued a statement announcing that it was involved in the harmonization of postal and supply chain management standards to enable single labels when delivering orders to the customer.

Over the past four months, country members of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) have worked towards this goal, approving the Technical Specification (TS 17073) for cross-border parcel services.

The European association also points out that this is a very important step towards simplifying the process: "This is a major step forward to innovate cross-border parcel delivery services in Europe. One of the main reasons behind parcel delivery difficulties were the different regulations between network owners, resulting in unfavorable market conditions for online merchants."

For the first time, closed networks and open specifications can be classified on a single label.

Ecommerce Europe will then reassess its manifesto for a better parcel delivery market in Europe, which was published in September 2016, taking into account the recent vote on the single label and the developments on the Draft Regulation for cross-border parcel delivery services.