The delivery of the SAFT file to Finance was brought forward to the 20th of the following month.

We already spoke about the invoice certification module - the SAFT file - which will facilitate the collection of the taxpayers' tax data to report to Finances.

But until now, the date of the SAFT file dispatch to the Tax Authority was due at 25th of the following month, while now, with the 2017 State Budget, that date was anticipated to 20th of the following month.

Initially, the proposal included the anticipation of the deadline of 8 days, which was considered a very sudden change. So now it came to consensus, and will come into force in February, but it is not definitive. It was anticipated that there will be a continuous reduction to the 15th of the month in 2018 and to the 8th of the month in 2019.

So, be aware not to miss the deadline for the delivery of the SAFT file.