"We want to conquer the Portuguese market."

The INSIGHT Observatory was created through a partnership between the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP) and the E-Monitor to understand the reality of the internationalization of SMEs.

The survey results were presented during a ceremony held on January 12th, in the Chamber of Commerce in Lisbon.

Among the 1000 companies that were addressed, this first survey received responses from 873 SME's: 30% of the industrial sector, 25% of transportation, accommodation and "open door" services and 15% of retail trade. A response rate of 87.3% that Rui Dias Alves, head of the project, considered a success.

In short, one of the major conclusions indicated by this study is that companies are aware that they need internationalization to succeed and, in fact, materialize that idea. 35% of the internationalized companies are already present in more than five markets mainly in Spain (51%), Angola (43%) and France (41%).

One such case is precisely Ship4you, one of the companies surveyed with a strong presence in France, justified by the willingness of the French to shop online. Cristina Coelho, CEO of Ship4you, interviewed in this survey, lamented to ECO - Economy News Online Portal - the difficulty in conquering the Portuguese market, as it is one of its major objectives. However, she believes that "the foreign market has been enough to ensure the business, which is intermittent, due to the constant dependence on its customers' sales."

Ship4you is precisely a real example of the capacity of adjustment of the Portuguese SMEs: "We have the facility to put in practice tests in markets like Ukraine, because our system has the fexibility to speak several languages. We are now able to receive and register orders in Japanese." said Cristina Coelho.

The CEO adds that what is done in Portugal is good and should be maximized to its full extent, "I keep the storage facilities here and make shipments from here to France, using our post office services and people ask me why. It has to do with our capacity of fending for ourselves, of being able to solve certain problems, with our quality of service and the quality of service of our post office services that, against everything and everyone, have great quality. "

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