Do you want a solution to manage your overdue credit?

When we are facing an unfavorable economic situation, particularly in the context of austerity and lack of economic growth, the risk of the amounts of overdue credit increasing also becomes higher.

Therefore, it is essential to anticipate these problems and provide a correct management of these situations.

A good credit management policy involves adopting, from the beginning, a good monitoring of the client, preventing non-compliance and avoiding worse outcomes, such as bad debt. The establishment of processes, rules and procedures to be followed internally in case of the buyer's failure to comply is, undoubtedly, a good procedure to start with - that's what the Ship4you can help you with.

The VPC ERP/CRM Link system already spoken about here allows you to automatically manage the overdue credit management process. The customer service just requires a parameterization of how you want it to go. After the initial parameters are set, the whole process is done automatically.

The creation of the individual letters with the expired documents are also part of this initial setup, all of which are composed of customized text. These letters can also be developed by Ship4you, fitting into our printing and personalized documents service.

If you wish to facilitate and speed up your overdue credit management process, this may be a very reliable solution that can speed up the entire process. So talk to us, we will be happy to explain to you how we can help.