Your database is very precious. Take good care of it.

The database is one of the most valuable assets of any company.

But if not properly managed, updated and clean, it loses half its importance and jeopardizes qualified contact with your customers.

It contains the names, phones, email addresses and interests of all your customers and prospective customers. The better it is - and the better you know how to take advantage of that information - the greater its potential.

But handling a database is not a simple task, it requires a lot of work. Repeated names, wrong email addresses and incomplete addresses are some of the problems you may encounter. But this is no reason to give up, because Ship4you can help you clean and handle your database or even build a new one.

Once you have done this, you can start segmenting it and create truly targeted campaigns to reach the customers you really want to reach.


Already have a database?

You should start by asking if you already have a database. If not, we can help you build one by creating special actions, competitions, promotions, offers, and other highly effective campaigns. If you already have a database but think it is not being properly used, talk to us! We detected duplicates, misspelled names or incorrectly registered addresses. Moreover, we can add every single new contact for you - so you won't have to worry about a thing.

But we'll give you a concrete example so you can understand what we can do for you. Imagine that your company is a clothing-store chain and that you need to create your customer database, with a lot of information about each of them, so you can target your communication.


What do we do?

Periodically, your company sends us the customer registration coupons collected in each one of your stores. After that, Ship4you's registration area enters all the data contained in these coupons in the VCP ERP/CRM system: names, addresses, contact details, email address, hobbies, etc. Once all this information has been registered/entered, the system generates a bar code to be added to the physical coupon. This physical coupon is then sent to the archive, where it is sorted and scanned.

In the end, your company will be able to access not only the customer data we have entered into the database, but also the corresponding scanned coupon. All this is done through Ship4you's Business Intelligence system.

At this stage, you will be ready to launch your email or text campaign with a qualified database and a truly targeted communication process. Ship4you will then extract your customers' contacts from the database and send your company the files with all the individualized information you need to launch your campaigns.


Segmentation: the secret to success

It is very important to know that a "well-fed" database, with all the necessary information, is useless unless you segment it with absolute accuracy and extensive expertise. Choose the best recipients you want to target in a given communication action and it will be much more effective.

Ship4you has the experts and the know-how you will need to reach the right target for the right product. We invite you to get in touch with us, because we can help you create your database and contribute to your company's success.