Have you always dreamed of having an online store? Find out what you need to know.

Have you always dreamed of opening your own store, but then the paperwork and the costs were such that you decided to postpone it for a while?

Whether because you didn't find the perfect location or because the initial repair, decor, rent and electricity costs were simply too high, nowadays there is a very simple and economic solution: creating an online store.

If all you need is some help to create yours, you came to the right place! Ship4you has all the tools you need to jump start your business. From creating the site to training employees, from implementing shopping cart platforms and secure payment systems to all the logistics involved in the placement and confirmation of online orders - with us your online store will be ready to go in a jiffy.

Compared to a physical store, an online purchase abbreviates a number of steps. No buyers or sellers are physically present. You don't need to deliver the goods during the transaction, and the purchase/sale relationship occurs between a buyer and a computer that can be located anywhere in the world. A well-designed e-commerce project has the ability to reduce the costs of the entire commercial process and reach markets that used to be absolutely unreachable.

And don't forget that buyers can now take their time to find information about your product, to examine pictures and research their specs whenever they want - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - without depending on official working hours.

But where to start? What are the key features of a successful virtual store? Worry not. Ship4you is here to answer all your questions. Indeed, this is one of our areas of expertise and we can design your entire project - in a turnkey fashion. So let us begin:

1. Aesthetics: a customer's first impression when visiting your store should be a pleasant visual sensation, which translates into a harmonious layout in terms of color and organization, aligned with the brand it represents.

2. Ease of use: your virtual shop requires constant updates, such as entering new items, deleting articles that run out of stock, price changes, etc. In some cases these are daily changes that require an easy and intuitive website management.

3. Product catalog:Your catalog should be well thought out and designed. Make sure you chose a website look that matches item categories and their presentation.

4. Multilingual: "Open the door" of your online store to several languages. But don't worry. Tell us the languages you want for your website and we will handle it for you. Take your business worldwide. Your storefront is a universe of opportunities, and Ship4you can help you increase your search engine visibility, plan your store's publicity and the promotion of its products.

5. Deliveries: Define how you want the delivery service to be carried out. Customers should know, at the time of the purchase, when they will receive their order; and that estimate time must be realistic. The ability to meet delivery deadlines is one of the main reasons why customers feel like coming back to a particular online store.

6. Inventory control: watch out for available items on your website and never forget to update them in your product catalog.

7. Customer service: A good after-sales service is another crucial factor nowadays, and Ship4you can help you in this regard. We have a customer service team that can handle all after-sales tasks in several languages.

8. Reports: preparing performance reports is a critical step to improve user experience and increase your revenue. It gives you insights into your customer's profile and preferences so that you can offer them suitable products. It also tells you about your website's most visited pages and products, so you can decide which items to display, for how long, and with what kind of emphasis. Without analyzing data and trends, you will never be able to make an efficient plan.

After completing all these steps, your online store is ready to go! Now it's time to publicize it among your future customers. Contact us and learn how to create an impacting online store and how to publicize it efficiently.