E-commerce in Portugal grows above the European average in 2015.

According to the European B2C eCommerce 2016 report, prepared by ACEPI in partnership with eCommerce Europe, there is a positive trend for online sales in Southern Europe and Portugal has grown by 15.7%.

The data reveals that online shopping in Europe generated 455.3 billion euros last year, which represents a 13.3% increase over the previous year. In Portugal, this percentage was slightly higher, reaching a 3.3 million turnover.

Without providing specific figures, Ecommerce Europe expects further growth in 2016, adding that there are 3.1 million online buyers in Portugal, making it a middle-ranking country in the logistics performance (16th place) and ease of doing business (14th place) indexes.

In the report, the association highlights the United Kingdom, France and Germany as the countries that contribute the most to this positive turnover, accounting for more than 60% of online shopping revenues in Europe.

This data shows that B2C e-commerce has been on the rise, with a significant impact on European economy, and that it will probably continue to grow in the next few years. Ecommerce Europe also concludes that there is still plenty of room for further growth, since only 43% of the European population shop online.